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"Hi guys,

You’re excited for tomorrow right? Ours boys won so many awards, so let’s give them a good start with their new song.

Let’s beat the world’s Youtube record - the most views for 24 hours - 12.3 millions….

This past Saturday, I went to an art portfolio day. I brought multiple art pieces along with my sketchbook in which I had drawn Kris’ rhino/horse creature in it. When it was my turn, I presented my sketchbook to the interviewer. He began to flip through my book and commented on my drawings. As he reached the page with the rhino creature, he stopped and stared at it for a good 5 seconds. I was actually hoping he would’ve just looked at it and move on, but to my surprise, he asked me what it was. I replied, “A horse rhino thing”. He nodded and stared at it again and said it was interesting and he liked it. /what/ He continued to say it was very intriguing and eye catching because he didn’t know what it was. He said that was good because if the picture had some sort of deep meaning to it, then that (the rhino) was what will get the viewer to look deeper into the picture and find the meaning and feelings behind it. /interallycryingatthispoint. He continued praising it for a good 5 minutes saying how it was cool and fun and how he liked it. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I didn’t design it. Krisus, your artistic skills have blessed me.




soooo you mean to tell me that KRIS CAN ACTUALLY MAKE IT BIG???



OF 2014.

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A Message to the Jelsa Fandom


Stop reposting art.

There are pages and pages of the same fanart reposted over and over.  Art theft is wrong and not cool on so many levels. I can’t even go into the ROTG or Jack Frost tags without being spammed with the same stolen Jelsa fanart.

This does not make your fandom look like a nice fandom.

It is really easy to find the original artist by a google images search.

Knock it off.

Please and thank you.


All this Jelsa in the Jack Frost tag is driving me crazy. I CANT STAND THIS SHIP ANYMORE.
Jack Frost tag is JUST AND ONLY Jack Frost.


I don’t get why people would ship Elsa from Frozen and Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians together. They are like shipping 2 people who don’t know each other but just because they are both ice users, you pair them up??? Like one boy, one girl, dont know each other, never meet each other before, both have a piano OK, let’s ship them together!!! TOTALLY MAKES NO SENSE

REBLOG if you still love ROTG in 2014


I did it last year and I’ll continue to do it every year until I see a Rise of the Guardians 2.

So if you still believe in the Guardians after a year, y’know where that reblog button is peoples.

~LMS (2014)





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wow this is outrageous, why isn’t this going around? from the link:

Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit simply because the country decided its rainforests were more important than an open-pit gold mine.

Lauded as one of the countries with the most beautiful rainforests, it’s no wonder Costa Rica rejected Infinito’s mine. Costa Rica’s rainforest is home to many endangered species such the green macaw. Gold mining also uses toxic chemicals such as cyanide, which often leaks into and pollutes nearby lakes and rivers.

A subsidiary of Infinito Gold has announced that a massive lawsuit is “imminent”, so we need to act now. If thousands of us stand together, we can show Infinito that countries such as Costa Rica should have the right to protect their rainforests without being persecuted by corporations.

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How the fuck do you sue a country because they do what’s best for their environment and won’t let you exploit their land?


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What Aquarius Hates


りんれん! | 秋吉 [pixiv]


Im a Mafia Boss

I refuse to accept that important Naruto’s characters are dying!!!